Well, you can use the music wherever you want. In your home video, YouTube channel or your next Hollywood movie!

You can use the music in any of your projects on earth, space, other galaxies as well!

You CAN´T resell the tracks or monetize them in any illegal way. The TOC explains it all :)


99Ears is not a Royalty Free site. We are more likely a production music library. All of the soundtracks are registered under a PRO (BIEM).

Soundtrack is a pack of tracks with variations. Most of the soundtracks are made in one arrangement and style with specific purpose of use. Single track are ment to work on its own. :)

Yes, really. We are musicians and we do record live most of our lives and beside of styles requiering programming (electronic music mostly) we are trying to record as much live as possible.
Sometime s we do combinations - overdubbing live strings with programmed (this gives really interesting results), or using electronic loops with live drums etc.

Quite unusual production techniques for a library music but we want to give you something you wont find on other sites.

We are trying to prepare as much music as possible of course. But we are recording with live musician which takes rehershals, recording and alot post production/ mixing time.
We are planing the recording to make it effective and do record 2-3 full soundtrack in one session.

To answer the question - we are working on a lot of music but you can´t expect thousands of tracks. Dozens more likely :)